Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 1: Gigantic List Of Changes To Be Added

The developer of Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios, has guaranteed gamers that the first significant update for the RPG would bring about a wide range of features. Baldur’s Gate 3 has had a lot of success in terms of reviews and sales since it was removed from early access on PC earlier this month. Even while many gamers are happy with the game’s present condition, Larian Studios has revealed some of its planned plans for improvements. In this news we will cover everything about Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 1.

In a recent community update on Steam, Larian Studios outlined their intentions for enhancing Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 1 in the upcoming weeks. Although they didn’t delve into specific details about the forthcoming changes, the studio emphasized their desire for flexibility in development. However, they did confirm the active development of a substantial update for the RPG, aimed at addressing various features based on recent player feedback.

Larian expressed their gratitude for player reports and the efforts of the support and development teams, which have led to a roadmap for hotfixes and patches. While they won’t disclose the roadmap to maintain the freedom to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, they announced their ongoing efforts towards Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 1, which is set to include an extensive list of adjustments. These changes will be shared with the community once they are finalized.

Presently, BG3 Update 1 will be exclusively available on PC, but a version for PlayStation 5 is scheduled for release on September 6th. Larian has also confirmed their work on bringing the game to Xbox Series X and S, although specific release dates for these platforms have not yet been revealed.

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