Classic Survival Horror ‘Clock Tower’ is getting a Remake

Clock Tower Remaster, a classic survival horror game for the Super Famicom, is receiving an updated, “enhanced” version from WayForward and Limited Run Games. The forthcoming re-release will be the first official translation and distribution of the original game in North America and Europe. Early 2024 is the anticipated release date for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch. This news will go on about Clock Tower Remake.

Despite having one of the first impacts on the current survival horror genre, Clock Tower is a significant game in the history of video games since it has mostly been forgotten. Even Resident Evil, which has emerged as the genre’s leading series, was released before it. There is optimism that Clock Tower will be able to recover its proper position in the annals of survival horror with the planned upgraded port.

Clock Tower Trailer

Clock Tower | LRG3 Reveal Trailer

Clock Tower, which debuted in Japan on the Super Famicom in 1995, locks players within the eerie walls of the Barrows family mansion, where they will be chased by Scissorman, a violent, shears-wielding madman. Players take on the role of the adolescent orphan Jennifer Simpson and explore the house by using a point-and-click interface to look in every unsettling crevice for objects, expose mysteries, and learn how to fend off attacks by Scissorman.

Without the ability to attack, Jennifer must depend on her cunning and ingenuity if she is to survive and get one of the game’s many possible endings. Clock Tower is regarded as a pioneering pioneer in the survival-horror genre because of the claustrophobic atmosphere, spine-chilling sound effects, intricate 2D animations, and randomized aspects to maximize replayability.

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