Company Of Heroes 3 gets first major patch

Relic Entertainment, makers of Company of Heroes 3, have launched the game’s “first big update.” Which includes a slew of bug patches and new difficulties and cosmetics.

Yesterday’s deployment of the patch, codenamed “Operation Sapphire Jackal” (March 28). It includes “a considerable amount of bug fixes, quality of life enhancements. Gameplay balance tweaks, and all new features and content,” as stated in the patch notes.

The inclusion of challenges gives players weekly and daily tasks to do in order to gain Merit. The new in-game money.

The patch included two new currencies Merit. Which is gained by completing tasks, and War Bonds, which can be bought with real money.

The newest patch for Company of Heroes added cosmetics for both factions to the in-game shop. Which can be purchased with any currency.

Company of Heroes 3 executive producer Steve Mele said that “over 1,300 bug fixes, update. And enhancements” were included in the update in the video below.

Operation Sapphire Jackal - Mission Briefing

Highlights include a new voiceover for the Gurkha infantry, updated unit pictures and iconography, and enhanced sound for map pings, as described by Mele.

Mele said that the patch addressed some issues, such as the overpowered Pathfinders and M13/40 tanks, but a “more thorough” balancing fix is still in development.

“Company of Heroes 3 is undoubtedly the greatest RTS of the past decade,” claims the review. This dramatic World War II masterwork has extensive single-player content and robust multiplayer support, making it a must-have for fans of strategy games.

This year, you may expect Company of Heroes 3 for Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

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