Players reportedly spent $100 million on CSGO cases last month

The announcement of Counter-Strike 2 for March 22, 2023, has given the Counter-Strike series an adrenaline boost over the past few weeks.

In anticipation of the arrival of CS2 this summer, fans smashed the all-time player record on CS:GO since Valve’s official announcement.

The CS:GO community appears to have already smashed yet another record, this time for the number of cases players opened in a single month and the money Valve made as a result.

In March 2023, CSGO players opened a ridiculous number of cases

Information obtained from indicates that during March 2023, the CS:GO player community as a whole opened an estimated 39.5 million cases. This implies that fans spent more than $100 million on cosmetics in a single month when the relative cost of opening cases is taken into consideration.

This surpasses the previous record high of 27.7 million cases opened set in February 2023 by almost double.

The discovery follows claims made by YouTuber and skin trader Anomaly last month that Valve likely earns an average of $54 million each month from CS:GO cases.

Players of CS:GO would open cases even before word of CS2’s summer release in the hopes of finding incredibly uncommon and pricey weapons and knife cosmetics.

Yet there’s little doubt that the announcement of CS2 and the fact that players could “carry their full CS:GO inventory” with them when they switched to the new game are to blame for the sharp increase in cases filed.

The excitement for CS2 appears to only increase as more and more gamers are authorized to participate in the game’s current test beta. So, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see April 2023 set a new case-opening record.

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