Discord is now on PlayStation 5

Voice communication using Discord is now accessible to all PlayStation 5 users.

The integration was one of several updates included in the beta version of a new system software release at the start of February. Additional improvements were a willingness to accommodate VRR.

When the most recent version of the system software has been downloaded, it is now available to everyone.

How To Use Discord Voice Chat on PS5

So how does it work? To begin, users will have to authorize Voice Access on the console by linking their PlayStation Network account to their Discord account via the device itself. If the accounts have ever been connected in the past, this step will need to be repeated in order to take advantage of the new rights.

After that, join the voice channel that you want to use on Discord. From there, using either a desktop computer. If you’re using a mobile or desktop browser, choose Transfer to Console, and then PS5. To use the console’s microphone for voice chat in Discord, just hit the Transfer Voice button.

You may find further information on the blog that is hosted by Discord.

With this patch, the PS5 can finally keep up with the Xbox Series X/S. Which received voice chat support via Discord almost one year ago.

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