EPL dismisses cheating allegations against Polish team

After Monte beat PALOMA 3-0 in the championship match, Sdy stated on Twitter that tournament organizers shouldn’t invite the Polish team to their events because it’s “obvious” to any sane CS: GO, player, that they are cheating. The Ukraine professional criticized the European Pro League for not using an anti-cheat enable in the games. Sdy shared two dubious recordings where PALOMA may have used wallhack along with the accusations.

The European Pro League has requested that teams and supporters contribute information and materials for review if they believe a team to be “suspicious,” but as of yet, it has not discovered any proof of wrongdoing in the case of PALOMA.

Are you in possession of any proof that PALOMA cheaters even after analyzing their games? Since there is currently no concrete proof of their wrongdoing, we are unable to pursue any legal action against them. The Pro League said in a release. “The Pro League has always been for honest CS: GO and always will be as a competition organizer.”

At the European Pro League campaign’s six final championships. Monte defeated PALOMA 3-0, but the scores on all three of the maps—Mirage (16-14), Nuke (16-12), and Ancient—were close (16-14). Every video sdy shared was created using Nuke.

Although it’s unlikely that any tournament organizer will ban the PALOMA players based on the videos above. It’s possible that the players will have to explain the thinking processes behind these games to the European Pro League administrators. And other tournament organizers may review their recent recordings before inviting them.

In a statement regarding the accusations made by sdy against PALOMA on March 8 at 7:43 a.m. CT, the European Pro League claimed there was no proof of wrongdoing and that as a result. It was unable to take any action against the Polish squad.

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