Fortnite To Feature Adonis Creed This Week

It has been announced by Epic Games that the character Adonis Creed, the protagonist of the Rocky follow-up series Creed, will be introduced to Fortnite sometime this week, in time for the premiere of Creed III this coming weekend.

The Adonis Creed costume, in particular, may be purchased from the Item Store as of Thursday, March 2 at 7 p.m. Eastern time. Yet, if you can’t stand to wait until then, you may get a head start by participating in the Creed Cup on March 1.

These “Creed Quests” will begin at 9 a.m. ET on March 2 and end at the same time on March 9. Finishing these tasks will get you experience points and, after completing five of them, you’ll unlock the Creed’s Gloves Spray.


You’ll be able to choose between two distinct looks when it comes to the Adonis Creed costume: the regular and the special. Moreover, the Bionic Creed alternative style may be selected to spruce up any ensemble. The robe worn by Bionic Creed may also be turned on and off with a simple toggle.

The Adonis Creed costume comes with a Heavy Bag Back Bling, the Knockout Pick Pickaxe can be purchased separately. The Target Training Emote may be used when practicing your aim.


On March 1, a Zero Build Solo event called the Creed Cup will commence. Prior to its release in the Fortnite Item Store. The Adonis Creed costume and the Heavy Bag Back Bling are available to the top point-earning players in your area. Furthermore, the Creed Brand Spray may be obtained by any player who has reached level eight.

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