GAIMIN implements Web3 GameLaucher into its platform

March 17, 2023, ZUG, Switzerland /PRNewswire – The pioneer in providing decentralized, distributed computing power, GAIMIN (, today announced an expansion of its gaming platform to include Web3 games and increase the benefits that players can gain from playing these games.

By using GAIMIN’s platform for launching games, game creators can reach a community of gamers who are eager to play new games and who are motivated to keep playing existing games thanks to the ability to increase their passive reward generation, which can then be converted to improve their gameplay experience.

GAIMIN is heavily invested in the development of blockchain technology and its penetration into the gaming market. GAIMIN offers game creators access to a vibrant community of players eager to play new Web3-capable games. And hone their gaming skills by encouraging players to download. Its app quietly collects rewards that can be used for Web3 gameplay.

A collection of Web3 games using blockchain technologies, such as smart contracts and NFTs, is available through GAIMIN’s games launcher. These games guarantee that a player’s investment in their gaming is held rather than being consumed and kept within specific games.

Gamers have the chance to produce inactive prizes that can be turned into gaming assets thanks to GAIMIN’s platform. Such benefits result from the PC of a player being monetized by ( A decentralized data processing network that makes money by providing data processing services like video rendering and powering blockchain calculations. Gamers can win extra prizes by using the app. Watching streamers broadcast their games, or collecting Gaimin Gladiators’ collectible NFTs (

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