Genshin Impact Fans Learn Something Scary About Kirara

Kirara, a four-star character who was only just introduced, has raised eyebrows among Genshin Impact fans for a peculiar reason. With the arrival of the Sumeru main area, HoYovers have made it a habit to introduce at least two new characters with each update. But, with version 3.7, only she has been confirmed.

She is a member of the famous delivery service Komaniya Express and has been revealed to be a. New Kirara four-star character in Genshin Impact, located in the Inazuma area. It seems that Kirara was modeled after a Youkai, a kind of magical monster common in Japanese culture.

A Reddit user going by the moniker of dphnrfls has posted two pictures that show off a peculiar aspect of Kirara. The article notes that Kirara is unusual in possessing two sets of ears. Similarities between this character and the newly introduced five-star Pyro user Dehya are not unprecedented in the Genshin Impact series. Dehya’s quest path in HoYoverse does not explain why she has two sets of ears despite fans having various hypotheses about this. While Kirara’s two tails and paws are incredibly realistic. Some fans have speculated that her cat ears are merely part of a headgear.

According to her profile, Kirara is incredibly committed to her work and has been repeatedly granted promotions. Kirara always said no since it would mean more inside secretarial work, which she didn’t want to undertake. Every birth is a new and thrilling experience in her eyes. Recent leaks of the Genshin Impact 3.7 beta showed that Kirara’s Elemental Skill would enable her to curl up on a delivery box and travel with a movement speed bonus, reflecting this theme in her equipment.

She inflicts harm on enemies anytime she collides with them and can even scale walls while in this condition. Making her a great help to rookie players who haven’t yet developed their stamina. As Kirara uses her Elemental Burst, she will hurl a box toward her foe that. Upon impact, will explode into smaller particles that will do damage.

Several Adventurers praise Kirara’s equipment, saying that although she isn’t an S-tier character in battle, she has many other uses. Her precise release date is currently unknown, however. HoYoverse’s update schedule suggests that Genshin Impact version 3.7 will be released somewhere around May 25.

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