Genshin Impact Fans Rejoice as Details About New Fontaine Character Wriothesley are Leaked

Exciting news for Genshin Impact fans as leaks reveal a new character named Wriothesley is on the way! The upcoming Cryo user is expected to be released in the next three updates and is rumored to be from the Hydro nation of Fontaine. While not much is known about Wriothesley, a Twitter user has created a model concept that was highly rated by credible leakers.

Despite not being part of the leaked character lineup, fans are still eagerly anticipating the arrival of Wriothesley. Fontaine is expected to be a major region in Genshin, with a city attached to a vertical platform and plenty of water features. However, some rumors suggest that Fontaine won’t arrive until after Mondstadt receives a new map expansion.

Since its release, Genshin Impact has been adding new playable characters to its already impressive roster, keeping players hooked to the game. The much-awaited addition to this roster is Wriothesley, a character whose details have recently been leaked, making fans ecstatic. Although the release date of this new character is still unknown, players have their eyes set on the first Fontaine update, slated for August 2023. The anticipation for Wriothesley’s arrival is building, as fans speculate about his abilities, role in the game’s story, and how he will fit into their gameplay strategies. The excitement surrounding this upcoming addition is palpable, and Genshin Impact fans cannot wait to get their hands on this latest character.

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