Gravity Game Arise River Tails Early Access is out Now on Steam

Tokyo, 16 March 2023(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Chuo-ku, Tokyo-based Gravity Game Arise Co., Ltd. is pleased to report that River Tails: Stronger Together is now available on Steam in Early Access. A stunningly drawn 3D co-op action-adventure game created by Italian independent team Kid Onion Studio and released by Gravity Game Arise. In River Tails, a cat named Furple and a fish named Finn become unexpected companions. Furple and Finn will need to learn how to cooperate if they don’t want to lose the items they value most as they travel through stunning natural environments.

Now available on Steam is Gravity Game Arise: River Tails Stronger Together Early Access. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The game will be 20% off until March 23 to mark the introduction of the Early Access edition.

Get set for some Co-op action by grabbing your favorite gaming buddy and a couple of controllers!

Work together to cross the entertaining but perilous river by assuming the roles of the inquisitive and lively Furple or the calm and aspirational Finn. Along the way, you’ll encounter amicable beavers, piranhas, amphibians, spikes, traps, and tons of other entertaining things.

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