Exclusive Scoop: GTA 6 Insider Spills the Beans on Exciting GTA Online 2 Features

Hold on to your seats, gamers, because the Grand Theft Auto universe is about to get even more exciting! Rumors are swirling that GTA Online 2 could be the next big thing, slated to launch alongside the highly anticipated release of GTA 6. Though Rockstar Games has remained tight-lipped on the specifics, fans can hardly contain their excitement. Despite the lack of official confirmation, the hype continues to grow with each passing day. But, there’s more to the story than just rumors. Now, a well-known insider from Rockstar Games has come forward with a tantalizing hint about what’s in store for the next installment of GTA Online. Are you ready to find out what this gaming sensation has in store for us?

30-player lobbies. That’s right, you read that correctly. 30 players in one lobby, all vying for a piece of the action. But how will it all work, you might ask? It seems that the game’s online technology will be based on the same engine as Red Dead Online. If you’ve played either game, you know that both provide comparable lobby sizes. However, with the recent inclusion of 30-player lobbies, the game’s action is about to reach new heights. Are you ready to take on the challenge and compete against 29 other players for dominance in the virtual world of GTA Online 2?

Because the leaked footage showed testing clips of the multiplayer with the max players displayed. Plus, we know from Spider-Vice findings that the game will use similar services of Red Dead Online, writes the Tez2 over on the GTA Forums. Check out ‘Americas_1 2022-05-24 17-19-42’ video clip and focus on the bottom left. Where it says ‘PL: 2/32’ that’s 2 players within a 32 lobby. It’s actually a 30-player lobby, but with two slots for spectators the same as GTA Online and Red Dead Online. Next to that, you can see ‘SH: PR_RSN1’ which is the script host. And right after is ‘GM H: PR_RSN1’ which I believe is referred to as the game master or session host. That video clip is from May 2022. So that’s last year and structural changes like increasing the max players limit needs to be done much earlier. “


As the saying goes, take what I’m about to say with a pinch of salt, because it’s all based on a juicy leak and coated with a layer of speculation.

To clarify, there hasn’t been an official confirmation as of yet. However, according to the grapevine, there’s some exciting news to look forward to: 30-player lobbies might be coming our way! So, brace yourselves for the potential arrival of this thrilling feature. Can you imagine the chaos and camaraderie that would ensue in such a massive multiplayer space? A whole new world of possibilities has opened up before us, waiting to be explored. So let your imagination run wild and tell me, what do you think of the prospect of 30-player lobbies?

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