Harry Potter’s Cinematic Saga Arrives on Netflix This Week… But There’s a Catch!

Exciting news for fans in the UK and Ireland! The magical journey of Harry Potter will soon unfold on Netflix, starting May 17. This delightful announcement means that those who haven’t collected the movies on DVD or Blu-ray will now have a chance to immerse themselves in the wizarding world. And for all the devoted Hogwarts Legacy players, this news will surely bring immense joy.

Regrettably, for our friends in the United States, Netflix won’t be granting access to the eight Harry Potter movies just yet. Fear not, though! You can embark on the enchanting adventures by tuning in to Max (previously known as HBO Max). This is where you’ll find not only the entire Harry Potter film series but also the future HBO revival of the beloved wizarding saga, catering specifically to US fans.

In the realm of streaming, the rights to franchises like Harry Potter tend to jump from one platform to another, especially in regions like the UK where HBO’s streaming service is not currently available. Therefore, various HBO or WB properties, including The Last of Us and House of the Dragon, find their way to platforms like Sky TV or NOW in the UK.

As for regions without Max, the destination of the anticipated Harry Potter TV series reboot remains uncertain. Nonetheless, speculation continues to swirl around this upcoming project. In April, it was officially announced that Warner Bros. Discovery is diligently working on a “faithful adaptation” of the beloved novels for streaming. Prepare for a fresh cast of actors who will bring the iconic characters to life, as this series has been given an extraordinary 10-year commitment.

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