Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Might Just Be Around The Corner

Since the game came out players all over the world have been experiencing the wizarding world for themselves. Embarking on their own adventures and paving the way for their own destiny. The game’s amazing, but one thing felt missing in Hogwarts Legacy, or rather one thing Potterheads want to see added is ‘Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer’ functionality, Many single player games throughout history have been extremely successful, so it’s not as though this will make or break the game.

However, fortunately according to some sources the game Multiplayer MOD is in development, and its not Portkey Games.

Multiplayer MOD

Some sources report that “Together Team” is developing a Multiplayer MOD for Hogwarts Legacy, which they will call “HogWrap”. They are the same people who bought us Skyrim Together and are currently working on Hogwarts Mod.

HogWarp - Test Build

The current build of the mod is already available through early access on the group’s Patreon page which is surprising considering Hogwarts Legacy was only fully released some days ago.

The Together Team aims to make Hogwarts Legacy playable with up to eight players, which is sure to result in lots of magical antics around the school of witchcraft and wizardry. The mod is still very early days. In an interview with a reliable source, one of the modders said that “Those who download the mod in its current state have to expect something very barebones and buggy,” as a fully working mod is still “a few months away”. Same team created Skyrim Together and it took years for that game to be fully bug proof.

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