How to Fix Sorry You Have Been Blocked Error on Discord

Your enjoyable chats with friends and shared gameplay streams on Discord have suddenly come to an unexpected and quite shocking halt. So, what’s the reason behind this abrupt and unsurprisingly startling occurrence? In this article, we’ll be discussing how to fix the “Sorry You Have Been Blocked” Error on Discord.

Well, if we consider the messages that numerous users have received, it appears that you’ve received a message stating, Sorry, you have been blocked. At this point, many are probably experiencing a sense of unease, pondering whether they said something inappropriate, streamed content that crossed a line, or perhaps infuriated the server admin to the extent of receiving a ban from the entire platform.

Fortunately, it’s highly unlikely that any of these scenarios are the actual cause, and we’ll provide you with a solution to get back online.

The simplest way to fix the Sorry, You’ve Been Blocked error on Discord is to log in using the mobile version of the platform. If your friends are curious about your absence, don’t fret; everything works just fine on the mobile app. Keep in mind that streaming your games might not be possible, but at least you have a solution for the you are unable to access problem.

Sorry You Have Been Blocked discord

The error message displayed in your Discord application on either Mac or PC suggests that the platform has restricted you from performing certain actions for various possible reasons. It appears that a recent action you took triggered a security measure. This action might have involved using a specific word or phrase, executing a SQL command, or inputting incorrect data into the app.

It’s important to note that this issue is likely to affect an extremely small percentage of users, and you, as the reader, are almost certainly not responsible for this error. If you were, it would be highly improbable for so many users on the platform to encounter the same problem simultaneously. Therefore, there is a strong probability that this issue is related to server-side matters.

How to Fix Sorry You Have Been Blocked Discord

If you encounter the Sorry you have been blocked message. You can take one of the following actions:

  1. Log in to Discord on your mobile phone and use the platform via the mobile app until the issue is resolved on the desktop.
  2. Try resetting or force-quitting the Discord app on your device and then reopening it. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, consider restarting your entire device.

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