Immutable and Polygon Labs Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Pioneer the Future of Web3 Gaming

Immutable, a leading web3 gaming platform, and Polygon Labs, a development and growth team for top Ethereum scaling blockchain protocol, Polygon, have announced a strategic alliance aimed at accelerating the development and adoption of web3 gaming. The partnership has already received close to $2 billion in investor funding in 2022, making it one of the most highly anticipated collaborations in the gaming industry. The alliance will simplify decision-making for game studios and developers, provide a smart, safe choice for business leaders, and accelerate time-to-market for games building on Immutable and Polygon.

The core of the partnership is the Immutable zkEVM, a new EVM-compatible zk-rollup powered by Polygon technology and with full Immutable platform support. This technology significantly lowers transaction processing times and fees, making it easier for studios and developers to build high-quality games that support true asset ownership. The collaboration between Immutable and Polygon will create an Ethereum-centric gaming ecosystem that is poised to take web3 mainstream and bring digital ownership to millions of people worldwide.

Immutable has experienced massive growth, with more than 140 new titles building on the existing platform, including brands such as GameStop, DC Comics, TikTok, Marvel, Warner Bros Discovery Sports, and IP from Disney and Star Wars through Ecomi. Last month, it partnered with gaming giant Unity to provide millions of game developers seamless access to web3 gaming. Polygon Labs, on the other hand, has built one of the world’s largest ecosystems for web3 gaming dApps, working with legendary studios and publishers like Square Enix, Neowiz, Midnight Society, Plai Labs, and Tilting Point, as well as esports teams and streamers like Cloud9 and Dr Disrespect.

This partnership between two industry leaders is set to revolutionize web3 gaming and bring digital ownership to the forefront of the industry.

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