Introducing Hero-Ki: HYENAS’ Playable Character

Creative Assembly, the developer of Total War and Alien Isolation, has been hard at work on Hyenas for quite some time. This first-person, third-person, and first-person again (PvPvE) extraction shooter takes place in a world where the rich have fled to Mars (yay) and the rest of the population is forced to struggle for survival in a dangerous environment (goddamnit). Today at the Future Games Expo, the cosplayer playable character Hero-Ki was unveiled. What’s more, he can alter his appearance to seem like his enemies.


Apparently, the next Hyenas alpha test will be the largest one yet, and he’ll be one of the playable characters accessible then. Sign up for a generous 10-day period to put the game through its paces by clicking here. It all begins tomorrow, and with a developer like Creative Assembly behind it, it should be a good one.

For more on Hero-Ki, consider the following: “Hiro-Ki is equipped with a specially modified camera to capture a target’s likeness and cosplay as them, allowing him to evade threats and exploit the environment in HYENAS, with only the sharpest-eyed rival able to detect the clues that reveal him as an impostor.”

Meet Hero-Ki! | HYENAS

In September, Mollie viewed a 20-minute preview of Hyenas. And was not impressed by the “meta cringe” she experienced (it does sound cringe). A lover of publisher Sega, whose heritage is prevalent throughout the game. (you even utilize ye olde Mega Drives to breach doors), will likely be able to endure it.

Not only will you have to defend yourself against other human players and AI enemies in Hyenas. But there are also five “raiding teams” all competing to find and hack into safe vaults at the same time. It’s reminiscent of Lawbreakers that some of the zero-g areas have an on/off switch.

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