In honor of Mario Day, Nintendo NY has Mario’s Boots on display

As March 10 is now officially known as Mario Day, in 2023 Nintendo chose to display a real-life pair of the famous plumber’s brown boots in the New York Nintendo Shop.

On yesterday’s Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct, an understandably ecstatic Shigeru Miyamoto first hinted at the boots shown in the image below.

Since the 1980s, when the Italian plumber Mario first appeared in computer games, he has used his heavy boots to deadly effect. Together, they’ve allowed him to explore uncharted worlds, defeat legions of foes, and defend the peace in the Mushroom Kingdom. It would be difficult to find a more illustrious pair of digital and, now, actual shoes.

Red Wing Shoes created this one-of-a-kind prototype to test the waters with. On MAR10 Day, the two were shown off at Nintendo New York. Red Wing “worked with the film’s creative team to transform every on-screen pixel into a real-life stitch,” the press statement states. They’re built to last with a sturdy leather upper and rubber outsoles.”

You can see them at Nintendo of New York till the end of April.

This is the third and last Super Mario Bros. trailer. The movie was released yesterday during a Direct. And it included a scene in which Luigi is hung over lava before cutting to a stunning fight on Rainbow Road.

Chris Pratt will play Mario in the upcoming April 5 release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, with Jack Black’s Bowser serving as the villain. Follow GG to find out about all the latest developments in the lead-up to the release of your favorite plumber.

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