Metro Last Light is free on Steam for a limited time

In celebration of Metro: Last Light’s tenth anniversary, developer 4A Games is offering the Complete Edition for free on Steam for the next week. To add this chilling Sovietwave shooter to your Steam library, simply log in and add it to your cart before May 25. While Metro Redux, a remastered collection of the franchise, exists, this complimentary offer specifically applies to the original 2013 version of Last Light.

However, the Complete Edition includes all the DLCs, including the immersive “Ranger Mode.” Although there hasn’t been much news about the Metro Franchise since the release of Sam’s Story, the final DLC for Metro Exodus, the official Metro Twitter account hints at a possible announcement in conjunction with this giveaway.

The Metro universe presents a post-nuclear Moscow where survivors have taken refuge in the underground subway tunnels, transforming them into their homes and establishing a barter system using bullets as currency. On the surface, an irradiated wasteland is overrun by terrifying mutants that instill a deep sense of dread. The atmosphere in Metro is somber, gloomy, and filled with desperation, reminiscent of the Chernobyl incident rather than the more light-hearted tone of Fallout. While the voice acting may have its flaws in terms of delivery, I suggest switching the dialogue to its original Russian language and turning on subtitles for a more immersive and authentic experience.

While we understand that there are numerous other games competing for your attention, such as Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and the highly anticipated release of Diablo 4, there’s no harm in adding Metro to your backlog and revisiting it when you’re in the mood for a shooter that offers a unique and distinctive ambiance.

To Wrap it all Up

To celebrate Metro: Last Light’s tenth anniversary, 4A Games is offering the Complete Edition for free on Steam until May 25. Survivors reside in subway tunnels and trade with bullets in the chilling Sovietwave shooter set in a post-nuclear Moscow. Mutants infest the hazardous wasteland on the surface.Although the voice acting has its flaws, switching to the original Russian dialogue with subtitles enhances immersion.

Despite competition from other games, acquiring Metro for free is worth considering for its unique atmosphere and distinctive gameplay.

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