Game Over for Microsoft’s £1 Game Pass Deal: What’s Next for Gamers?

Microsoft has discontinued its popular Game Pass offer that gave fans access to a month of Xbox or PC Game Pass for just £1. Although the introductory offer has been available since Xbox Game Pass’s launch in 2017, the company has confirmed that it is no longer available for purchase. Instead, Microsoft is “evaluating different marketing promotions” for new members. One possibility is a cheaper, ad-supported subscription tier that would give players access to first-party games six months after launch, but with the catch that they would have to watch advertisements before opening a game through the service.

In addition, Microsoft’s Friends & Family plan for Game Pass, which allows up to five people to share a subscription, is currently only available in eight countries. The company has also stated that Game Pass is affecting the direct sale of games in its library, which has prompted the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority to investigate its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard and its potential impact on competition in the gaming industry.

Meanwhile, gamers are eagerly anticipating the upcoming dark action game based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is being developed in the style of God of War. Despite the cancellation of the popular Game Pass offer, Microsoft remains committed to providing gamers with innovative and exciting new gaming experiences.

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