Microsoft Refuses To Bring Redfall To PlayStation 5

After purchasing Bethesda, Microsoft apparently had little interest in a PlayStation 5 adaptation of Arkane Studios’ forthcoming vampire shooter Redfall.

According to Harvey Smith, the creator of the Redfall video game, Microsoft’s post-acquisition attitude on the continued development of Redfall was “no PlayStation 5”, as Smith explained in an interview with IGN French.

“We were purchased by Microsoft and that was a change with a capital C,” Smith told the website during a recent press event. They came in and said, “No PlayStation 5, instead, we’ll be concentrating on Xbox, PC, and the Game Pass.”

Redfall - Official Story Trailer

According to Smith, the choice to concentrate on Xbox and PC was a “positive decision” since it bolsters Game Pass and eliminates “one less platform to worry about one less complication.”

While IGN French claims Microsoft purchase “immediately canceled” a PlayStation 5 version of Redfall, there is no evidence to imply that this was more than a pipe dream. In light of IGN’s revelation, I wanted to know how far along the development of a PS5 version really was, so I contacted Bethesda.

On May 2nd, Redfall will be available for purchase on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

The announcement comes as Microsoft spends heavily on lobbying governments in the UK, EU, and the US to greenlight its $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Although Microsoft’s previous declaration that it has “no incentive or ability” to make the billion-dollar series exclusive to Xbox, regulators’ anxieties about the industry’s possible response if Microsoft were to do so have remained.


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