Minecraft 1.20 Update: The Trails & Tales

Minecraft’s next big release has been officially given a more memorable name: Trails and Tales. And honestly, 1.20 update of Minecraft Trails and Tales” wasn’t precisely a sentence that skipped off the tongue.

Mojang said that it choose the name because the new features are focused on “self-expression via representation, storytelling, and world-building,” and because the term “represents the trip that Minecraft takes us on and the unique tales that each of us brings back.”

Although Mojang has not previously gone into great info about the many features that will be included in the update known as Trails & Tales, the name itself is new.


To begin with, it introduces a new cherry blossom ecosystem where swine, sheep, and bees may thrive. In addition to the new Sniffer mob, camels, bamboo rafts, and moddable armor. The update will also include Minecraft’s long-awaited archaeology system. Which was originally meant to be part of the game’s Caves & Cliffs update in 2021.

All of these features may be tried out right now in the Bedrock previews, betas, and Java Snapshots of Minecraft Trails and Tales. The final release of Trails & Tales on all platforms is expected “later this year.” But no specific date has been set.

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