K-Pop Group New Jeans to Perform League of Legends Anthem

The information regarding the title, artist, and release date of the League of Legends World Championship anthem for 2023 was prematurely disclosed. CelebrityAccess, a publication in the music industry, initially shared an article about the song but later removed it. In this news we’ll be discussing about new jeans league of legends anthem and what will it be called.

Nevertheless, individuals on social media captured screenshots of the article and have already begun sharing this revelation online. These images reveal that the artist responsible for this year’s anthem is the K-Pop group New Jeans, and the song is titled “Gods.” Furthermore, the article specifies that the song will be accessible for streaming on YouTube and various other platforms starting on October 4, 2023.

The images of the article give the impression that it was crafted based on a press release, as it includes a collective statement from the members of New Jeans regarding the song and also provides details about the tournament.

Riot Games has a history of partnering with prominent musical acts for its world championship events, including notable names such as Imagine Dragons, Grabbitz, and, most recently, Lil Nas X.

The apparent premature disclosure of this announcement has sparked enthusiasm among fans, particularly because there is a significant overlap between the fan bases of League of Legends esports and K-Pop.

We hope that the New Jeans League of Legends anthem ‘Gods’ receives abundant acclaim and enjoys great success.

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