Valorant To Unleash A New Agent 22: Meet Gekko, the Agile and Deadly Initiator

Excitement builds as rumors swirl around Valorant’s agent pool. Will gekko be the next addition to the roster? As VCT 2023 Finals are just around the corner, Fans anticipate a thrilling new Initiator from Riot Games. While developers remain Tight-Lipped, Insider sources confirm the arrival of a deadly new Agent 22.

Fans know there’s only one name to turn to for the latest scoops on game updates, new agents, and everything in between: Mike, the leaker ! and he’s done it again, breaking the news on twitter with his latest insider tip:

Mark your calendars, as ‘Gekko’ will make a grand entrance with the highly anticipated release of episode 6: revelation! with act 1 set to wrap up on march 7, 2023, players can look forward to unleashing Gekko’s unique set of skills in the thrilling act 2 of episode 6.

Keep your eyes glued to Gamerz Gateway for all the latest updates on Agent 22! With insider info and Expert analysis, We’ve got you covered every step of the way as the hype builds to an Epic Climax!

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