PAX Aus 2023 Indie Showcase submissions are now open

The PAX Aus Indie Showcase honors independent game developers from Australia and New Zealand, and participants are given a free booth on the PAX Aus show floor as well as extensive marketing exposure. This program is now officially available for PAX Aus 2023. Each year, participants are chosen by an expert industry panel from a variety of entries.

You can now submit your projects as long as they’ve passed the beta stage if you’re an independent developer based in Australia or New Zealand, you don’t have a traditional publisher-developer relationship established, and you don’t have funding from any third party (aside from government funding or crowdsourcing).

The superb independently produced video games Gubbins from Studio Folly, Tempopo from Witch Beam, and Rooftop Renegade from Melonhead Studios were all featured in the 2022 Indie Showcase. Yum Cha, The Score, Pixel Star: Frontier, and Aethermon: Tower of Darkness were just a few of the tabletop games that were there.

Unpacking, Mini Metro, Ring of Pain, Wayward Strand, The Gardens Between, Paradigm, Hollow Knight, and more films were previously showcased as part of the Indie Showcase. The Indie Showcase offers an alternate way to take part in the festivities and network with new customers for those who can’t necessarily afford a booth on the PAX Aus showfloor.

The initiative gives small and developing developers that want to have an effect the opportunity for greater awareness within the Australian gaming industry.

Those who want to submit their creations for review must meet the PAX website’s submission requirements and deposit a $25 entry fee. The deadline for submissions is June 18, 2023, and winners will be notified shortly after.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia will host PAX Aus 2023 from October 6–8.

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