Persona 5: The Phantom X Shows More Characters and Personas

New ancillary characters and Personas are revealed in Persona 5: The Phantom X, which will interact with the player in the future spin-off. The announcement for this Persona 5 spin-off game for mobile and Desktop platforms came earlier this month. Fans were taken aback to learn that Atlus will be working with Perfect World Games on the project’s development. Despite widespread demand from fans outside of China, the game will initially only be available in that country.

In the days after its introduction, Persona 5: The Phantom X’s protagonist’s concept art, created by legendary Atlus designer Shigenori Soejima, has been shown. This image also depicted Janosik’s unusual weaponry. One Perfect World producer released more characters and Personas.

On Bilibili, Persona Central translated Seiji, Mont, and Yuki, three Phantom Thief-clad companions. The translation implies these characters are “TAs,” not Phantom Thieves. These are public figures who will battle with the party using “Persona II” strength. Seiji was Leucothea, Mount Terpsichore, and Yuki Styx. These Personas are Greek pantheon deities. Leucothea is a sea goddess, Terpsichore is one of the nine muses and the goddess of dance and chorus, and Styx represents wrath and vows.

With their Personas being termed “Persona II” and the probable inference that these individuals aren’t Phantom Thieves, their implementation and role in the game’s plot and gameplay remain unclear. Some fans find the designs excessively copied from earlier characters, making them seem uninspired.

Persona 5: The Phantom X will be unveiled during its private beta test from March 29 to 31. This beta is Android-only (with the game being released for iOS in the future). The game is being developed on PC.

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