Pikamee Hogwarts Legacy controversy explained

Amano Pikamee, a well-known VTuber, has revealed that she would be leaving the VOMS Project after three years. Although this is disappointing news for her followers, it has been speculated that she is departing because of the negative reaction she got when she attempted to live stream playing Hogwarts Legacy. Pikamee will graduate and wind down her activities by the end of March 2023, according to a tweet sent yesterday night from the official VOMS Project account. The organization appealed to the VTuber’s fanbase to help her out in the month leading up to her departure. The rumor spread about the Pikamee Hogwarts Legacy controversy.

Pikamee also shared the news on her YouTube account, in a video titled “Arigatou!” in which she confirmed that she would be retiring from her VTuber career at the end of March (Japan Standard Time) and expressed her gratitude for the experience. To everyone who the news may have startled or hurt, she offered her apologies.

While many fans were sad to see the VTuber go, several suspected that her decision to leave was motivated by the criticism she received after announcing that she would be broadcasting Hogwarts Legacy. Pikamee addressed individuals who didn’t want her to play the new Harry Potter game on February 7, 2023, but the tweet has since been removed. In it, she said that “she’s not promoting anything particularly” and simply wants to play the game.

Perma Banned Verdict

ToastCrust Verdict

Thankfully, she is not graduating because of the Hogwarts Legacy dispute. If you carefully read the graduation announcement. You can see that the graduation was scheduled before Hogwarts Legacy was made available to the general public. Due to agreements and preparation, a pop-up shop cannot be set up quickly following a reaction against a video game. As noted by Twitter user @ToastCrust. This indicated that graduation was predestined to occur. The news was simply released after the VTuber got backlash, which spread rumors about Pikamee Hogwarts Legacy controversy

Pikamee’s deleted tweet was on February 7. The initial announcement of the pop-up shop wasn’t made until three days later, so the timeline is unclear. Nonetheless, it seems improbable that Pikamee graduated as a result of criticism.

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