Pioneers of Pagonia Release Date

Pioneers of Pagonia, the captivating new city builder crafted by Volker Wertich, the original designer of The Settlers, and his team at Envision Entertainment, is set to debut on Steam Early Access on December 13th. Prior to this, there are plans for a public demo and a closed alpha.

For those unfamiliar with Pioneers of Pagonia, the game transports players to the procedurally generated islands of Pagonia. Here, they must establish a presence by gradually expanding their influence among the islands’ diverse and not always amicable inhabitants. This involves strategic decisions related to production, economic growth, and exploration, utilizing the resources discovered along the way.

The initial glimpse into Pioneers of Pagonia’s city-building dynamics occurred in June through an incredibly charming in-game reveal trailer. Envision Entertainment has been periodically sharing gameplay details on Steam, building anticipation. The forthcoming closed alpha in September will be accessible to selected subscribers of the studio’s newsletter, allowing players to dive into the game and experience its intricacies firsthand.

Pioneers of Pagonia: In-Game Reveal Trailer

Following this, there will be a public demo released “shortly before” October’s Steam Next Fest. Scheduled to commence on October 9th. Subsequently, Pioneers of Pagonia is set to officially launch into Steam Early Access on December 13th of this year.

Envision Entertainment outlines that the initial phase of Pioneers of Pagonia will include 40 distinct building types. Over 70 various goods, and diversified production chains. Coupled with procedural map generation for an experience of “endless fun” upon its early access debut. The developer anticipates a minimum of six additional months of development before the release of version 1.0. During this period, they plan to introduce new features, such as co-op gameplay. Along with additional buildings, production chains, technical enhancements, and balancing improvements.

The developer elaborates on Steam, stating, “We want to ensure the best possible experience when the game is fully released. To accomplish this, we want to get the game out to the community as early as possible and work together to improve it before it gets released.”

Pioneers of Pagonia Price in Steam

The recently unveiled Steam demo for Pioneers of Pagonia introduces three maps for exploration and exploitation. Encouraging players to “construct and oversee a flourishing community of intricately detailed inhabitants while immersing themselves in the complexities of city-building strategy gameplay.”

Accompanying the demo release is an initial roadmap outlining the early access trajectory for Pioneers of Pagonia. Volker Wertich and Envision Entertainment anticipate the introduction of co-op mode, an expanded productivity display. Subsurface mining, and the addition of a fishing hut, all expected to materialize at some point in Q1 2024. Initial pricing details have also been disclosed, with Pioneers of Pagonia slated to be priced at £25.99/€29.99/$29.99 USD upon its entrance into Steam early access on December 13th.

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