PlayStation Plus Subscribers Are Loving April 2023’s Biggest New Free Game

What is most likely the largest new free game in April 2023’s roster is receiving rave reviews from PlayStation Plus customers. The most recent batch of games released for PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers this week included titles like Tails of Iron and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. While reviews for both of these games have been largely favorable, Meet Your Maker, the third game being distributed in April, is attracting the most attention.

Meet Your Maker held the distinction of being the only game in the PS Plus portfolio for April 2023 to be released straight on the service on the same day as its normal release date. Behaviour Interactive made a fairly dangerous and audacious choice, but so far, it appears to have paid off, as many PlayStation Plus users who have been playing the game had nothing but positive things to say.

Several users have also posted their own early reviews of Meet Your Maker on the PS5 subreddit. Many people think that Behaviour Interactive’s combination of first-person action and base building makes for a very distinctive product, despite some constructive criticism that has been directed at the developer.

“This gameplay loop has had me hooked for the last few days,” said user HockeryMike24 on the subreddit. “It’s a simple game to learn and because of the game’s design, it constantly stays fresh. Especially if you like both building and FPS elements of the game.”

“I don’t usually like games like this but I’ve been sucked in after making my first base,” user Classic-Author3655 went on to say of their own experience. “It’s a great game to pick up for 15 to 20 [minutes] at a time too.

Outside of the PlayStation community, Meet Your Maker is also receiving a lot of positive feedback from users of other platforms. Having received over 1,300 user reviews, Meet Your Maker now has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam. Just 240 users gave Meet Your Maker a bad review, out of which over 1,150 were judged positive. Meet Your Maker appears certain to be a sleeper hit in the first half of 2023, regardless of where people are listening to it.

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