Pokemon Presents Confirmed For February 27

A new Pokemon Direct is on the way. The Pokemon Company has announced that it will show on February 27 at 3 AM ET / 6 AM PT. The live stream will air for 20 minutes on YouTube’s official Pokemon channel.

The Pokemon Company didn’t provide any more information. This is the third Pokemon Presents special to air in February, and it follows on the heels of the most recent Nintendo Direct. In addition to discussing the newest games in the main series. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, these episodes often delve into other Pokemon projects that are in the works.

Pokemon Presents in August 2022 revealed a lot more about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Previous episodes confirmed the existence of spin-offs such as New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Unite. February 27 also happens to be Pokemon Day, and last week saw reports of a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game arise, which is supposedly being handled by Spike Chunsoft once again.

The most recent Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet, have been critically panned yet commercially successful for Nintendo Switch. We’re working on a new update that should be online by the end of February.

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