Pokimane Reacts to Kick Founder Invitation for Platform Jump!

Popular Twitch personality Imane “Pokimane” shared her thoughts on an interview between esports figure Jake Lucky and Ed Craven, co-founder of Kick. In the conversation, Craven expressed a strong desire for collaboration with Pokimane and remained hopeful that she would reconsider joining their platform. This news covers everything about pokimane reaction to kick invitation.

Pokimane expressed her satisfaction that Kick and its management did not take her previous comments as personal attacks. She emphasized that her intention was not to criticize anyone.

Nevertheless, when it came to the possibility of partnering with Kick, Pokimane, who hails from Morocco and Canada, stated:

I will also have a good laugh at the idea, that like… me signing with Kick would be, like, the biggest plot twist in all streamer signings. And, the idea of that is kind of interesting.
Pokimane reacts to Kick wanting to sign her

Imane “Pokimane,” one of the founders of OfflineTV, found humor in Jake Lucky’s response upon hearing Ed Craven’s remarks. She expressed her satisfaction and relief upon learning that the platform didn’t perceive her criticisms as personal attacks.

When I saw this, this morning, I will say – I was really, really glad to see that they didn’t seem to, you know, take anything that I said personally or be offended. Because, that was 100% never, ever my intention. I understand why it came off that way. Or why some people took it that way. But, I never meant to throw shade at anybody who, like, works at Kick. Streams there. Enjoys the platform.

Fans Reaction About Pokimane Kick Invitation

As I pen down this article, more than 80 ardent enthusiasts engaging in a lively discussion within the YouTube comments section on Pokimane’s response. In this juncture, allow me to present a concise compilation of a selection of noteworthy comments that have garnered attention:

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