Riot transformed its esports arena for the new Valorant competition

Riot Valorant Competition esports is celebrating the start of a new professional competition for teams from North America, Latin America, and Brazil this weekend. The VCT Americas league’s premiere will also be the first time Valorant games have been played live and in person in North America. Riot had to redesign its Los Angeles studio to be much more high-tech and adaptable in order to handle the league, which shares room with League of Legends — the new esports arena can even transform.

The space was formerly known as the LCS Arena, and it has long been home to North America’s top competition of Legends competition. (the LCS). The studio area has been renamed Riot Games Arena as part of the redesign. The more technically impressive area, with its massive LED displays and expansive lighting, is already in use for the current LCS season, which began in January. However, the space was also designed to be modular in order to serve the needs of each game while also making them appear distinct from one another.


Audio Redesign

In September, the planning for the redesign began, and it will bring significant technical enhancements to the studio, not just visual differences between Valorant and League of Legends broadcasts. The studio will feature different graphics on LED displays and a slightly different player layout, and it will accommodate three groups of broadcast talent who will call games in different languages. The audio quality for Valorant will also undergo improvement, ensuring a clearer and more immersive viewing experience.

One of the most significant advantages of the arena’s modular design is its ability to transform quickly and efficiently between different games. This flexibility will be important for Riot’s esports ambitions in the future, allowing them to host multiple events in the same space. The revamped studio will serve as a permanent home for both leagues, rekindling the special energy of playing inside a home arena.

The new studio will make its debut on April 1st, during the VCT Americas event. Fans can expect an even more engaging and immersive experience, with high-quality visuals, enhanced audio, and improved broadcasting capabilities. Overall, the redesign marks a significant step forward for Riot and their commitment to delivering the best possible esports experience to fans around the world.

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