Slithering Back To The Battlefield: Atheris Esports Rejoins Rainbow Six Siege

Rising from the ashes: Atheris Esports rekindles their passion for Rainbow Six Siege after a brief hiatus. The Mexican powerhouse, known for their skillful gameplay and fierce determination, is set to make a triumphant return to the competitive scene. With a renewed sense of purpose and a hunger for victory, Atheris Esports is ready to make their mark once again after a year absence from the Siege battlefield.

Atheris Esports’ roster is a testament to their reputation of defying convention, as they break borders and shatter stereotypes. The Mexican organization made headlines when they signed Lucca Cosser a.k.a “MKing” and Daniel Novy a.k.a “Novys”, former Immortals and MIBR players, respectively. But they didn’t stop there. Atheris Esports continued their quest for excellence by bringing in Victor Hugo a.k.a “Bersa” from FURIA Esports, forming a formidable Brazilian-majority team.

Atheris Esports has not only become a force to be reckoned with in the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene but has also inspired fans worldwide with their willingness to embrace diversity and inclusion. When we celebrate our differences and come together to pursue a common goal, we can achieve great things, as demonstrated by their commitment to breaking down barriers and building bridges between communities.


After falling short in the Campeonato Mexicano 2021 Finals against Fenix Esports, the team’s fortunes took a turn for the worse.

In the lead-up to the Six Invitational 2022 Closed Qualifier, COVID-19 vaccination requirements prevented Luís Gómez a.k.a “Guicho” from traveling to Brazil, dealing another blow to Atheris Esports. The team initially withdrew from the tournament, but later decided to soldier on with coach Francisco “Royz” Guillén as their stand-in.

However, fate had other plans. Safety protocol breaches led to the cancellation of the LATAM SI 2022 Closed Qualifiers, leaving Atheris Esports stranded without an opportunity to prove themselves on the international stage.

Despite these setbacks, Atheris Esports remained undeterred. They continued to pursue their dreams and aspirations, but with a new lineup in the works, the team’s future was uncertain.

Now, after a tumultuous year of highs and lows, Atheris Esports has made a triumphant return to Rainbow Six Siege. While their lineup remains a mystery, one thing is certain: Atheris Esports is ready to take on the world once again, and they won’t let anything stand in their way.

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