Teams Getting Invites For BGIS Grind 2023

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) Season 2 is almost approaching, and teams are being invited to the highly anticipated BGIS Grind 2023.

BGIS 2023 is the most anticipated event for esports fans in the BGMI. Krafton released a teaser on the official handle on July 14, 2023, to promote the BGIS 2023 Rise Up. According to reports, BGIS 2023 will most likely take place in the latter part of July or August 2023.
The official pre-BGIS scrimmage game for the invited teams is BGIS Grind. According to reports, Grind BGIS will commence around July 20, 2023.

BGIS Grind 2023 Invites

Teams will be invited to the BGIS Grind 2023 based on previous official events. There are already some well-known Tier 1 teams, such Team Soul, Godlike, OR Esports, and others. This time, the underdog teams from BGIS Season 1 are also receiving invitations, as are the groups that did well in rounds 2, 3, and 4 in BGIS 2021’s inaugural season.

The Grind Format of BGIS

The Grind competition follows a specified framework. There will be 256 teams competing. They will be divided into two groups, with 128 teams in one group and 128 teams in the other.

The first set of 128 teams will compete against each other in the first week. The other group of 128 teams will take the pitch in the second week.

Following these two weeks, the top 64 teams from each group will move on to Weeks 3 and 4, respectively. So, the best 64 teams from the first group will participate in Week 3, and the best 64 teams from the second group will play in Week 4.

Finally, the top 32 teams from each of the two groups will advance to Week 5, the competition’s final week. The top 32 teams will compete for the title of overall winner.

How to Check If Team Got Invited?

In the first year of BGIS 2021, the team did well and advanced to rounds two, three, and four. It is possible for the team member they registered for BGIS 2021 to access their registered email. Inbox or spam should be checked for any mail. When receiving an invitation to The Grind, players must keep in mind that only registered emails receive them.

BGIS Grind 2021

The tournament spans across a period of 13 days and features 32 specially invited teams, each assigned to one of four groups: A, B, C, and D. Within each group, eight teams compete intensely for a prize pool of 200,000 INR.

Out of the initial 32 invited teams, the top 16 will advance to the finals of BGIS The Grind. This ultimate stage is a two-day event, in which Team XO emerged victorious, followed by Team TSM as the runners-up, and Godlike Esports securing the third position. Savitar from Team Forever was honored with the MVP title for the BGIS 2021 Grind.

The highly anticipated BGIS 2023 The Grind is scheduled to commence around July 20th, with an official confirmation expected within the next day or two. Teams that participated in BGIS 2021 are advised to regularly check their registered email addresses to determine whether they have received an invitation for the upcoming even

To Wrap it all Up

The highly anticipated Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) Season 2 is quickly approaching, and teams are looking forward to BGIS Grind 2023. On July 14, 2023, Krafton issued a teaser promoting BGIS 2023 Rise Up. The Grind format has 256 teams separated into two groups, with the top 64 from each group progressing to Weeks 3 and 4. Week 5 has the top 32 teams competing for the championship. Invites were based on prior official events, including BGIS Season 1 underdogs. Team XO won the BGIS Grind 2021 competition. Teams that have been invited to BGIS Grind 2023 should check their registered emails for confirmation.

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