Against the Odds: The Guard Holds onto VALORANT Team in the Midst of Company Layoffs

As the ax fell on various departments at the company, ranging from the creative design team to the social media gurus, a sense of unease crept over the community. Whispers and rumors circulated like wildfire, with everyone wondering whether The Guard’s prized possessions – their VALORANT squad, Call of Duty champs, and Overwatch League franchise – would suffer the same fate. All eyes were on parent company Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, who held the power to determine the future of these beloved teams.

With their next game in the North American Challengers league looming just days away, The Guard’s VALORANT roster has been granted a temporary reprieve from the brutal layoffs that have claimed so many other jobs within the company. While the future of these skilled players hangs in the balance, insiders suggest that a potential sell-off of the team is likely in the cards. Nevertheless, uncertainty still lingers like a cloud of smoke, leaving fans and players alike on edge as they wait to see how this high-stakes game of corporate strategy will play out.

As per sources, “The Guard is going to hold onto VALORANT roster amid uncertainty, ignites speculation.


The Guard’s VALORANT lineup is a veritable powerhouse, boasting some of the most talented players in the North American scene. Their skills are so impressive, in fact, that rival teams have been clamoring to sign them during the offseason. Sentinels had their sights on Trent, The Guard’s top player.While the move may have seemed inevitable, Trent remained loyal to his team, and the deal ultimately fell through. Fans await The Guard’s VALORANT roster’s next move after company layoffs, but team remains committed.

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