‘The Last of Us’ Will Adapt ‘Part II’ Into ‘More Than One TV Season

HBO renewed “The Last of Us” for a second season in January, but the show’s producers have said they want to adopt “more than one season” of the video game’s sequel, “The Last of Us: Part II.”

The sequel to 2010s The Last of Us is titled simply “Part II.” Will be released for the PlayStation 4 in 2020, seven years after the first game’s launch. According to GQ, HBO showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann indicated that “Part II” would take place over the course of many seasons due to a large number of new characters, flashbacks, and action sequences included in the sequel.

When asked whether the whole of “Part II” will be covered in Season 2, Mazin responded with a firm “No. No way.” It’s not just one season,” Druckmann continued.

Mazin added, “You have noticed accurately that we would not specify how many,” indicating that the creators would not divulge whether or not two or three seasons would be needed to tell the “Part II” tale. But, there are really many that is true.

Several of the main characters from the first “The Last of Us” game return in the sequel. Including Joel (played by Pedro Pascal on the HBO series), Ellie (Bella Ramsey), Tommy (Gabriel Luna), and Maria (Rutina Wesley). The story also introduces several new, significant characters who are given substantial roles. During Sunday night’s season finale of HBO’s “Westworld,” one of the principal performers from “Part II.” Laura Bailey, had a brief appearance as Abby, a pivotal figure in the story. Ellie is now undergoing preoperative preparations in the operation room of a hospital in Salt Lake City. And she is credited as one of the nurses on staff. Another nurse joins her, and they both watch in shock as Joel storms in, and murders the chief surgeon. And takes Ellie back to Jackson.

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