Valorant Launches Episode 6 Act 2, with a unique new agent

Today (March 8), Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 was released, and it features Gekko, a new agent with the ability to remotely place or defuse a Spike bomb.

Gekko is intended to be an initiator-class agent, which means he is best equipped for initiating a firefight, according to developer Riot Games in Valorant Episode 6. Gekko’s four special attacks are each called after the “calamitous creatures” they employ. And the majority of his general toolkit focuses on the damage.

His Q ability, Wingman, causes Wingman to flee and sprint towards the first foe he spots in order to launch a concussive explosion at them. Nevertheless, based on whether Gekko is on the offensive or defending team. Wingman can also be positioned at a Spike site to either plant or deactivate an explosive.

Dizzy, Gekko’s E, is a flying orb that shoots plasma at foes, rendering anyone she strikes blind.

The agent’s C ability, Mosh Pit, launches Mosh as a grenade that explodes once initially and then goes off again after a brief pause.

Gekko’s final power is Thrash, to wrap things up. Thrash can be guided by Gekko by “linking with Thrash’s consciousness.” Before he reactivates his ability to dash forward as well as explode.

The following changes and corrections were implemented as a component of Valorant patch 6.04:

Gameplay Fixes:

Fixed a bug where players could continue to be pushed by abilities. Such as Sova Drone, even after the Lotus doors stopped moving or the players left the door region.

Agent Bug Fixes:

Previously, Sage’s Barrier Orb would strengthen to full health rather than to maximum health minus any harm sustained during fortification. This bug has been fixed.

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