Vermintide 2 Announces New Free Level for Players

Get ready to climb a tower full of magical traps and illusions, as Fatshark delivers on their promise of continuing work on Vermintide 2 with the announcement of a new free map, Tower of Treachery. The story picks up where Trail of Treachery left off, with Sienna Fuegonasus’s twin sister, a necromancer named Sofia, taking over an old tower belonging to Olesya. This new map pays homage to the beloved Wizard’s Tower level from the original Vermintide, and fans are speculating that it may also pave the way for a new DLC that adds a fourth career for Sienna.

Alongside this exciting news, Vermintide’s blog has been sharing updates via the Chronicles of Hedda Bardinsdottir, with the latest entry dealing with the roly-poly daemons of Nurgle. Meanwhile, Fatshark continues to work on Darktide, with the latest Community Comm-Link revealing plans to add more weapons, conditions to modify levels, and a large number of bug fixes and improvements.

Get ready to venture into a magical tower full of traps and illusions on March 28 with the free update of Tower of Treachery. But that’s not all, as Fatshark continues to work on the development of Darktide, with an upcoming update that promises to add more weapons like the powerful Ironhelm Mk IV Thunder Hammer and Deimos Mk II Blaze Force Sword. Not only that, but players can expect even more conditions to modify levels, along with a multitude of bug fixes and improvements. Keep an eye out for these exciting updates to enhance your Vermintide 2 and Darktide experiences!

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