Veteran Halo developer joins Netflix to make an original AAA game

Staten previously created Halo and Destiny while working for Microsoft and Bungie.

Joseph Staten, a game developer who formerly worked for Microsoft and Bungie on hit titles like Halo and Destiny, has joined Netflix Games as the creative director of the studio’s forthcoming, original AAA title.

The game is said to be multiplatform, but as of this writing, no other information is known. With Staten’s involvement and his history developing blockbuster games, whatever Netflix Games is working on is probably enormous, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Staten said of his new gig on Twitter:

‘In my work life, there’s nothing I love more than collaborating with others to build worlds filled with iconic characters, deep mysteries, and endless adventures. So today, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined Netflix Games as Creative Director for a brand-new AAA multiplatform game and original IP. Let’s go!’

Staten’s acquisition most certainly forms a key component of Netflix Games’ significant effort to increase its game output. The business stated in March that it planned to release 40 games in all in 2023, with a roster that included both original properties and the “cream of the crop” of independent hits.

The firm also disclosed that it has 16 games in full production at its own studios (Night School Games, Next Games, Boss Battle, Spry Fox, and others), as well as another 70 titles in development at other studios, as part of this announcement.

While the business’s current focus is only on publishing games through its mobile apps, it has announced investigations into cloud-based gaming technologies and established an in-house development studio to create a high-profile PC shooter game under the direction of former Overwatch producer Chako Sonny.

Where Staten’s project fits into these vast aspirations is still unclear since there are just indications towards “iconic personalities, deep secrets, and limitless adventures.” Nonetheless, he is a well-known figure in the games industry with a lengthy history and a wealth of knowledge, which should benefit Netflix.

Staten previously collaborated with Bungie on the creation of Halo and Halo 2, and in the years following Microsoft’s takeover of the firm, he also contributed as a writer to Halo 3. After Microsoft and Bungie parted ways, Staten worked as a writer and co-creative director on Destiny. In 2014, he went back to work for Microsoft as the senior creative director of Xbox Game Studios Publishing.

Incidentally, he departed this position in 2020 to serve as head of creative for Halo Infinite before leaving the organization in 2023. Staten will undoubtedly benefit from these experiences, with all of their highs and lows, as work on the newest Netflix Games project gets underway.

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