Willmington College Empowers Next Generation of Esports Leaders with Minor in Esports Management

Wilmington College is launching an Esports Management minor this fall to prepare students for the billion-dollar industry, attracting a global audience of over a billion people. The program covers various critical topics from marketing to player development, grooming the next generation of esports leaders.

Esports is taking the world by storm, Bridging inclusivity and camaraderie in the digital era. Joining forces with technology-driven society, Esports embraces diversity, catering to athletes with physical disabilities while instilling the same fundamental values of traditional sports: teamwork, motivation, work ethic, goal-setting, and the thrill of a shared experience.

Meet Dr. Jimmy Mattern: The Esports Enthusiast Empowering WC Students with Cutting-Edge Industry Knowledge and Skills. As Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Mattern’s highly sought-after Introduction to Esports Management course has created such a buzz that he’s now promoting the new minor as a unique opportunity to boost students’ marketability and enhance their expertise in this booming field.

He added that; “As the Esports industry continues its meteoric rise, big names like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Puma are eager to jump on the bandwagon, propelling the industry even further and faster. In 2020, Nike launched its first Esports ad, while Coca-Cola announced a multi-year partnership with video games developer Riot Games earlier this year. Meanwhile, Puma made headlines by teaming up with a German Esports organization and unveiling its new gaming and Esports apparel collection. The future of Esports looks brighter than ever, and it’s clear that the world’s leading brands are keen to be a part of it.”

Willmington College’s Esports Management minor can be completed in just four semesters and is open to all majors. Sport management majors require only three additional courses. With four four-credit hour courses and three two-credit hour courses, the program provides a comprehensive overview of the industry, preparing students for success in this booming field.

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