Bayonetta Origins Review: Tale of Cereza and the Lost Demon

Step into the world of Bayonetta Origins, where an amazing work of art awaits you. This game is not only a pretty piece of art but also a fresh and imaginative take on the popular Bayonetta series. The game is not just really fun to play, but the way they portray the main character is also very emotional and will make you feel connected to her until the end.
Get ready to be amazed by Bayonetta Origins, a fantastic journey that celebrates and improves the popular series.

Drastic Departure from Bayonetta’s Trademark Style

The Bayonetta trilogy and the newest entry in the series, Bayonetta Origins, couldn’t be more different. Instead of the confident, gun-toting heroine we’re used to, we’re introduced to a timid young girl named Cereza. The game’s aesthetic, too, takes a departure from the usual action-packed set pieces, and instead transports us to an enchanted forest filled with well-worn book pages adorned with soft illustrations.

An Identity All Its Own

At first, the differences between Bayonetta Origins and the mainline series left me confused. But as the story unfolds, the game slowly builds into a recognizably Bayonetta experience. It’s an adventure-puzzler that’s far more than it appears on the surface, with plenty of excitement, darkness, subversions, and feminine liberation–all while maintaining an identity all its own.

Bayonetta Origins proves that breaking rules and limitations imposed on certain big-budget series is possible, especially when it’s executed with creativity and tact. The team behind Bayonetta Origins proves that with this charming adventure-puzzler.

Touching Tale of Companionship and Maternal Love

What truly sets Bayonetta Origins apart from the rest of the series is its touching tale of companionship and maternal love. It’s a story that may or may not have made me cry a lot, and it’s one that’s sure to tug at the heartstrings of players of all ages.

Don’t Overlook This Gem Bayonetta Origins is a game that I urge you not to overlook, whether or not you’re a fan of the Bayonetta games. It’s an achievement in artistry, innovation, and tenderness that takes the iconic heroine to new heights.

“Coming-of-Half-Lumen-Sage” Story in Bayonetta Origins

Bayonetta Origins is a coming-of-half-lumen-sage story, set before Cereza becomes the confident and powerful Bayonetta we know. After her mother’s imprisonment, Cereza seeks refuge under a powerful witch’s tutelage.

She is struggling with cowardice, but someone tells her to find courage deep in Avalon to rescue her mother and become a proper witch. It’s a touching tale of perseverance and growth, with Cereza taking her first steps towards becoming the iconic heroine we all know and love.

Simultaneous Control of Cereza and Cheshire

Bayonetta Origins features an asymmetrical puzzle system, where the player must control both Cereza and Cheshire simultaneously. Cereza’s controls are assigned to the left JoyCon while Cheshire’s are located on the right. This requires exploring the environment and utilizing the characters’ various talents to progress through well-balanced and interesting puzzles.

Smooth Single-Button Combat


The game’s skill tree is quite dense, but the intuitive mapping allows for the smoothest and most exciting single-button combat. The puzzle aspect of the game extends to combat, with enemies requiring either Cheshire’s elemental abilities or Cereza’s magic to become vulnerable to attack. This makes battles require quick thinking and careful coordination on the player’s part, particularly in the challenging Tir na nOgs stages.

Combat and Gameplay

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (No Commentary)

Bayonetta Origins’ combat can be frustrating for players, as the need to control both characters at the same time can result in inelegant gameplay. While the technique of frequently recalling Cheshire can help narrow the focus to one character, the controls can still be challenging, especially for younger players.

The Unique and Whimsical Storytelling


The storytelling approach of Bayonetta Origins is far more literal, as it tells the story like a children’s book. The game’s whimsical, painterly quality perfectly suits its sense of wonder and uses color and camera angles to create spectacles that add grandeur and magic to the intimate experience. The game’s unique approach to narration and illustration adds to the game’s charm.

Bayonetta Origins’ Focus and Direction


Bayonetta Origins focuses on the story of Cereza and her discovery of strength and confidence in different ways before delving into the world of guns and leather. The game never loses its charm, and its direction and confidence in its unique approach never change. Although it is part of the Bayonetta series, Bayonetta Origins stands out as a game that is too unique to be just another part of the franchise.

Artistry vs. Fidelity


Developers combat the Nintendo Switch’s limitations in graphical fidelity by focusing on artistry. Bayonetta Origins is an excellent example of this, as its more free-flowing art style looks much sharper in portable mode. Despite its limitations, the game’s painterly quality and attention to detail make it a delightful and engaging experience.

In The End

Cereza, the charismatic protagonist in Bayonetta Origins, delivers lines with sincerity, youthful joy, and emotion in a heartwarming narrative that showcases motherhood. The game’s focus on storytelling is a testament to Platinum Games’ willingness to think outside the box, and it pays off with a delightful dynamic between Cereza and Cheshire that evolves into a truly special relationship. Those who stick with the game will be pleasantly surprised, even if some may be wary at its start. Overall, Bayonetta Origins is a fantastic example of how developers can push the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay, and it’s a testament to Platinum Games’ trust in their team’s vision.

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