The Walking Dead Destinies Review

The Walking Dead: Destinies” is a game that promised to immerse players in the harrowing world of the popular TV series, offering a chance to alter the fates of beloved characters. However, based on reviews from IGN, MSN, and NintendoLife, it seems the game falls dramatically short of its potential, leaving fans and gamers alike disappointed.

Review of The Game The Walking Dead: Destinies

At its core, “The Walking Dead: Destinies” is a third-person adventure game where players navigate through familiar settings from the TV series, such as the hospital where Rick wakes up, Herschel’s farm, and the prison.

Gameplay and Mechanics

The game attempts to recreate the tense atmosphere of the series, filled with zombies and survival challenges. However, the execution is deeply flawed.

The Walking Dead Destinies Review

Players encounter numerous technical issues, including game-breaking bugs, crashes, and inconsistent frame rates. The combat system, a crucial aspect of any survival game, is described as one of the worst experiences in gaming. Melee attacks and gunfights feel unresponsive and lack impact, making every encounter with the undead a chore rather than a thrilling survival experience.

Visuals and Audio

The visual presentation of “The Walking Dead: Destinies” is a significant letdown. Character models are described as hideous, and the environments are bland and repetitive. The game suffers from poor texture resolution and lighting, making it look outdated compared to other current-gen titles.

Audio issues further mar the experience, with sound and music disappearing randomly. Voice acting, while not the worst aspect of the game, fails to add any depth to the characters, often coming across as monotonous and disconnected from the on-screen action.

Storytelling and Character Development

One of the most intriguing aspects of “The Walking Dead: Destinies” was its promise to allow players to alter key storylines from the TV series. While this concept held potential, it is poorly executed. The game’s narrative fails to engage, with critical plot points and character motivations often left unexplained or handled clumsily.

The decision-making mechanic, which could have been a game-changer, ends up feeling inconsequential. Choices that should significantly impact the story often lead to minor changes, failing to alter the overall narrative in meaningful ways. This lack of impactful storytelling makes the game’s unique selling point feel underdeveloped and unsatisfying.

Community and Critical Reception

The reception of “The Walking Dead: Destinies” has been overwhelmingly negative. Fans of the series and gamers alike have expressed their disappointment with the game’s lack of polish and failure to deliver an engaging Walking Dead experience. The game’s technical issues, poor gameplay mechanics, and lackluster storytelling have led to it being labeled as one of the worst gaming experiences on current platforms.


“The Walking Dead: Destinies” had the potential to be an exciting addition to the franchise, offering a new way to experience the beloved series. However, due to its myriad of issues, it serves as a stark reminder of how crucial quality development and storytelling are in gaming. For fans of “The Walking Dead,” this game is, unfortunately, a chapter best left unexplored.

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