Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti Super: Rumored Specs, Pricing & More

Interested in learning more about Nvidia’s purported RTX 4070 Ti Super? We’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of everything circulating about this anticipated GPU, including leaked specifications, price details, and the expected release date.

The prevailing consensus among industry analysts suggests that Nvidia is gearing up to introduce a Super refresh for its existing 40 series graphics cards, with most standard models set to be replaced. However, the RTX 4070 Ti Super has emerged as a particularly contentious topic, mainly due to the departure from Nvidia’s customary nomenclature.

This guide aims to provide you with the latest information gathered from leaks, but it’s crucial to note that all details remain unverified until Nvidia issues an official announcement.

Leaked Specifications

Chip: AD103-275 or AD102-175
CUDA Cores: 8448

The reputable Nvidia informant, Kopite7Kimi, shared unverified specifications for the 40 Super series, including those for the RTX 4070 Ti Super. However, the leaker expressed reservations about the accuracy of the information, stating, “I still doubt them, especially the Ti Super. I cannot fully agree.” This introduces an element of uncertainty surrounding the GPU.

The potential specifications include either an AD103-275 GPU chip or an AD102-175, featuring 8448 CUDA cores. The lack of clarity regarding the GPU chip has sparked additional speculation, suggesting Nvidia might employ a practice known as ‘Chip Mixing’ or ‘Chip Binning.’

This practice involves using two chips to categorize an RTX 4070 Ti Super or a lower-spec 4070 Super based on the chip’s performance during certification. Some consumers and analysts express concerns about this approach potentially resulting in two graphics cards of the same name exhibiting different performance metrics. However, it’s crucial to recognize that making judgments solely based on rumors and leaks without an official announcement is challenging.

Release Date Leaks

Recent leaks indicate that the purported release date for the RTX 4070 Ti Super is January 24, 2024. This places the launch between the RTX 4070 Super and the more robust RTX 4080 Super, aligning with previous speculations pointing towards a Q1 2024 release window.

Anticipations are high that Nvidia will formally disclose details about all three Super cards, including their release schedule, in its keynote presentation at CES 2024 scheduled for January.

Price Leak

RTX 4070 Ti Super

As reported by Moore’s Law is Dead, there are indications that the potential pricing for the RTX 4070 Ti Super could be as affordable as $799. It’s important to note that pricing is contingent on market dynamics. Recent information from sources within Nvidia suggests the company is adopting an assertive pricing strategy for the 40 Super series, aiming to directly compete with AMD. While the primary focus may be on promoting sales of the RTX 4080 Super, prospective buyers eyeing the RTX 4070 Ti Super may also benefit, with anticipated price ranges as low as $799.

However, more cautious estimates propose a pricing range between $899 and $999, which still represents a reduction compared to current market prices.

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