Custom Mech Wars Review | A Failed Mech Shooter?

The gaming landscape is witnessing an electric surge in the hype surrounding Mech Shooter Games, and enthusiasts are strapping in for an adrenaline-fueled ride. Mech Shooter Games, where players pilot giant mechs in intense battles, have become the talk of the gaming town. The allure lies in the combination of futuristic warfare, cutting-edge technology, and colossal combatants. With jaw-dropping graphics and immersive gameplay, these games offer a unique blend of strategy and sheer action, attracting a diverse gaming community. The sudden spike in excitement can be attributed to the genre’s ability to transport players into epic mechanized worlds, where every explosion and metal clash feels like a symphony of futuristic warfare. Mech enthusiasts rejoice as these games take center stage, promising a thrilling and visually stunning gaming experience like never before. Today, we are going to Review Custom Mech Wars

Review of The Game: Custom Mech Wars

Custom Mech Wars is a game about gigantic robots, but it has a slew of issues that could have been addressed before it hit the screens. Even though you may customise your robot a lot and the game is sometimes entertaining to play, it falls short in creating a solid tale, explaining how it works, and providing enough various game modes. It’s like sending a robot into battle without first ensuring that it’s ready. D3PUBLISHERS created the game, which is named Custom Mech Wars.

Plot of Custom Mech Wars

In Custom Mech Wars, you play as Newbie, an ordinary pilot who joins the Four-Seven Squadron to handle large robots known as G-Mechs. The story takes place in a planet where a massive comet has messed up the sun and asteroids, creating tragedies all over. The squadron’s mission is to guard the remaining cities and defence hubs. Then, another large comet, Asgard, gets uncomfortably close to Earth, posing a new problem.

Custom Mech Wars Review

The game becomes amusing because to the bizarre events, such as a comet producing an earthquake and a volcanic explosion, which causes the robot mechs to go rogue. However, once you begin to play with your own robot, you will realise some major issues with the game.

A Wide Array of Attachments For Your Mechs

In Custom Mech Wars, the most exciting things are the robot mechs, called G-Mechs. Fans can add a lot or a few things to their mechs while playing the story and have fun. Do you want to build a big fighting machine or a small, fast robot girl with swords. In Custom Mech Wars, you can gather, make, and assemble them in the Hangar and Research Facility.

You can create up to four G-Mechs and change them during every mission. However, in most mech games, there is a problem – you cannot add too much stuff to your robot because it will become slower and less effective in battles. You can change how your robot’s screen looks while you play by choosing different things to show on the screen.

How you make your G-Mech look will change how it moves in the game. Using different parts can make your robot better at moving around and exploring in different battlefields. The legs your G-Mech has can make missions easier or harder. However, there’s a problem: the game’s layout does not always work well with all the ways you can change it. So, even if your G-Mech works well in an open field, it might have a hard time in a city. This causes some major issues in Custom Mech Wars that players notice when they try to play the game.

Poor Visuals and Weak Level Designs

Custom Mech Wars has some big issues, especially with how it looks and the design of its levels. This can affect how you play the game. Though the story is like a silly movie, the game doesn’t have any exciting scenes or animations. Instead, the talking and story parts are just words on the screen with someone speaking in Japanese. “And, there are many spelling and grammar mistakes in these texts, which makes the game seem messy. “

The missions in Custom Mech Wars don’t look good either. The robots you fight, the places where you fight, and how the robots move all seem like they’re from very old games. There are only a few types of enemy robots, and you only see the cool ones sometimes in the later missions. This makes the fights seem boring and repetitive. In every mission, you are placed in a large battlefield and enemies suddenly appear. The scenes always look the same, either a flat desert or a busy city, but they all feel a little empty and quiet. There are 40 missions to complete, but they all take place in four battlegrounds. The only difference is whether it’s clear or foggy. The main issue is how the battles and mission goals work in Custom Mech Wars.

To Wrap it all Up

Custom Mech Wars falls short of expectations in the world of Mech Shooter Games, giving a lacklustre experience beset by a variety of difficulties. Despite the genre’s growing popularity, this game fails to capitalise on the adrenaline rush of commanding massive mechs in heated combat. While the ability to customise G-Mechs adds a spark of excitement, the narrative is shallow, gameplay principles are inadequately described, and the dearth of different game options leaves more to be desired. The visuals and level designs, which are reminiscent of titles from the early 2000s, detract from the overall gaming experience. Despite its potential, Custom Mech Wars remains a mediocre introduction in the field of mech shooters, exhibiting squandered chances and gameplay faults.

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