Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Review

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising” represents a significant evolution in the fighting game genre. This title, a follow-up to the original “Granblue Fantasy Versus,” has garnered attention for its unique blend of traditional fighting mechanics and innovative features. In this review, we’ll explore the various aspects of the game, drawing insights from sources like The Gamer, VG247, and MSN.

Review of The Game Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

At its core, “Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising” retains the grounded, neutral-heavy gameplay of its predecessor. However, it introduces major mechanical overhauls that breathe new life into the franchise. The addition of Ultimate Skills, which are powerful versions of each character’s special moves, expands the strategic depth of combat. The Bravery Point system is another innovative feature, offering a risk-reward dynamic that adds a novel tug-of-war element to fights.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Review

28 Characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

The game’s roster has expanded, now boasting 28 characters, including four new ones: Anila, Grimnr, Siegfried, and Nier. Each character brings a unique playstyle, from the easy-to-pick-up Anila to the technically demanding Nier. This diversity ensures that both newcomers and veterans can find a character that suits their preferences.

Accessibility and Training

“Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising” shines in its approach to accessibility. The game features an intuitive easy-input system, which, despite some controversial changes, remains a gateway for newcomers to enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed. The comprehensive training mode is another highlight, offering detailed guides and practical tools for mastering characters and strategies.

Single Player and Story Mode

The game’s single-player content, particularly the story mode, leans heavily on narrative, with a significant portion of the episodes focusing more on storytelling than gameplay. While this might not appeal to players looking for constant action, it provides a deep dive into the rich lore of the “Granblue Fantasy” universe.

Online Experience and New Additions

The online experience in “Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising” is robust, thanks to the implementation of rollback netcode, ensuring smooth and responsive matches. The game also introduces “Grand Bruise Legends,” a fun, Fall Guys-inspired mini-game that adds a casual and entertaining diversion from the core fighting mechanics.

Visuals and Art Style

Developed in collaboration with Arc System Works, the game boasts a vibrant 2.5D animation style that brings its characters and world to life. The visual quality is a testament to Arc System Works’ expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing and dynamic fighting games.

Value Proposition and Recommendations

“Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising” offers a compelling package for both newcomers and veterans of the original game. For those who already own the first game and its DLCs, the lack of an upgrade option might feel like a missed opportunity. However, the game’s free version, which includes access to the core fighting game and “Grand Bruise Legends,” presents a no-risk opportunity for players to experience what “Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising” has to offer.


“Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising” stands out as a unique and accessible entry in the fighting game genre. Its blend of innovative mechanics, expanded roster, and engaging single-player content make it a worthy consideration for both fighting game enthusiasts and newcomers. While it faces stiff competition in a post-Street Fighter 6 world, its approachable nature and vibrant presentation give it a distinct place in the fighting game landscape. Whether you’re a fan of the “Granblue Fantasy” series or simply looking for a fresh fighting game experience, “Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising” is a title worth exploring.

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