Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

It was expected that Capcom would perform a similarly impressive job recreating Resident Evil 4. In light of the high-quality remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 released in 2019 and 2020. Nonetheless, I wasn’t expecting to be suplexed headlong into 16 hours of relentless suspense. And adrenaline when I pressed the start button on this 2023 recreation of the iconic 2005 action-horror game. This revitalized campaign drastically outdoes the previous one in practically every area. Controls have been modernized to make the most of the game’s unique dynamic shooting mechanics. And the game’s environment in the Spanish countryside has been made far more ominous. After 18 years of searching. I finally found a video game that gave me the same feeling of euphoria that Resident Evil 4 did.

For many, the original Resident Evil 4 doesn’t require any kind of introduction. Since it is a major entry in Capcom’s famous survival-horror franchise. But I should probably offer some background. As it was released in the days before iPhones and when many still thought that Episode III would be the final Star Wars film. Resident Evil 4 was a groundbreaking action-horror epic because it broke away from the series’ customary fixed-camera viewpoints in favor of an over-the-shoulder perspective that brought us uncomfortably close to the gore and placed a premium on reflexes and precise aiming. Since then, numerous third-person masterpieces like Gears of War, and Dead Space. And The Last of Us have been influenced by it. Now, the game’s original DNA has been taken, synthesized, and injected into a cutting-edge host game. Transforming it into a magnificent and terrifying new creature.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

I played the original game again after a long hiatus to write this review, and I was struck by how much a remake of the game was required. The main character, played by Leon Kennedy, has trouble walking as if he’s wearing tiny pants that haven’t fit him since police school, and he seems paralyzed whenever he pulls out a revolver as if he can’t move his hands and feet at the same time. It’s completely ridiculous by today’s standards and would turn off many potential fans before they ever had a chance to learn about all the reasons this game is so well-acclaimed.

Sight for Saw Guys

Thank goodness, those times are long gone. This recreation of Resident Evil 4 seems like a 2023 game, much like the recently released Metroid Prime Remastered. Because to conveniences like the ability to move and aim with the twin-stick controller at the same time, you won’t have to choose between protecting yourself from the oncoming horde or avoiding a crossbow shot. With your newfound mobility, you can better take advantage of the game’s area-specific damage effects, such as blowing out an opponent’s kneecaps to leave them open for a melee finisher, blasting sticks of dynamite held by attackers before they can throw them, or simply enjoying the game’s grisliest headshots.

Resident Evil 4’s DNA was taken, synthesized, and injected into a modern host game to create a terrifying new creature.

Nothing here will surprise you if you never played the original, but believe me when I say it’s a big deal for those of us who are back for more: the rough edges of some other interactions have been filed down, like how crates and barrels can be quickly smashed at the tap of a button rather than having to clumsily line up a knife swing, making it much faster to scramble for ammo and health pickups during a battle. Leon’s combat knife can be used to parry enemy attacks, bring a swift finish to staggered foes, and take them out silently after he has crept up on them with his newfound ability to crouch, and switching weapons is now performed instantly with a tap of the D-pad rather than having to pause to hop in and out of the inventory screen. Those baggy jeans must be to blame.

Importantly, this reworked control scheme makes combat more fun and fluid without lowering the bar for experienced players on the Hardcore difficulty level. (‘Normal’ and ‘Assisted’ modes are available for those who want a less challenging experience.) The knife’s enhanced functionality is offset by the fact that it sustains damage with each strike, therefore it should be used sparingly lest it shatters like a miniature Master Sword and needs repair from a merchant before more assaults can be made.

Yet, your foes move in unpredictable ways and may soon overwhelm you in numbers. So you’ll still need to make split-second choices about which targets to prioritize. The murderous villagers, for example, have learned some new ways to trip you up while you’re busy exercising your trigger finger. Such as setting up bear traps during a battle. Although Resident Evil 4 provides you with a wider variety of weapons to ensure Leon’s survival. You must still keep your wits and reflexes keen to avoid falling victim to the game’s hordes of deadly mind-controlling parasites. The new checkpoint save feature is great for avoiding tedious retracing to the previous manual typewriter save if Leon dies. But purists should be aware that the Professional difficulty option disables checkpoint saves.

One of Resident Evil 4’s biggest aspects is the randomization of enemy types, which occurs regardless of the difficulty level you choose. After you finally master headshots, they all start wearing helmets, forcing you to turn to aim at their legs. After shattering more kneecaps than a bill collector. They’ll reanimate with whipping tendrils emerging from their shoulders and launch another onslaught. When you’ve finally figured out how to kill off these terrifying mutants. The last thing you expect to see is a waddling tub of nightmare fuel that can regenerate its severed limbs like a T-1000 from a Clive Barker horror novel. Resident Evil 4 Remake gives you a growing armament that feels great to wield. From submachine guns to rocket launchers and highly powerful magnums. It does its best to ensure that you leave very little in the chamber after each frantic confrontation.

I also like how with quick enough reflexes. And strategic planning, you can utilize the physicality of nearly anything in your environment to your advantage. Leon is just as vulnerable to the chainsaw assaults of the scary. Sack-hooded Dr. Salvador as any other nearby adversary, so luring him into a lunge. And then guiding him into a swarm of his henchmen is a wonderful way to reduce the herd. Meanwhile, flaming oil lanterns hung from the ceiling may be shot. And dumped into a furious crowd to set them all on fire, or they can be used to burn defenseless animals like cows. Who will then rampage out of control and search everyone in their path? When bullets are scarce, it makes sense. (and is hilariously amusing) to use a blazing slab of hamburger to do the job.

Castle Magic

Younger gamers may be unfamiliar with Resident Evil 4 Remake. So I’ll try to explain it this way: imagine riding a rollercoaster that has veered off the tracks. And is about to crash through a series of beautiful haunted mansions. As Leon is dispatched to a sleepy Spanish village in search of the US President’s missing daughter Ashley. The mission seems simple enough at first. However, it quickly escalates into a series of nail-biting battles against giant sea monsters and towering trolls. Desperate defenses against crazed hordes in boarded-up cabins. Outrageous assaults on a heavily fortified castle, skulking sections through shadowy laboratories. Explosive minecart chases (which also powered the last two remakes). A lot of work went into tightening up the game’s infamously sloppy last third. And it all leads up to a new and better final boss encounter that tested my skills and ammunition to the limit.

The updated visuals and enemy AI aren’t enough to make up for the game’s nerve-wracking new soundtrack. The importance of Resident Evil 4’s audio in creating an authentic atmosphere of fear is hard to exaggerate. Every time I entered a new area, I was greeted by the frantic chanting of its parasite-riddled peasant farmers. The snarl of wolves as they whipped through the leaves around me in the castle’s hedge maze. Or the throaty rumble of a chainsaw motor idling in the distance. And I found myself inching closer to the edge of my seat in anticipation of each enemy encounter.

How Resident Evil 4 Revolutionised Survival Horror


The Resident Evil 4 Remake is a remarkable video game that breathes new life into a beloved classic. Fans of the first game and others who have never played it before are both likely to like its sequel because of its magnificent aesthetics, interesting and novel gameplay, and challenging boss fights. Since Capcom did such an amazing job of bringing the iconic survival horror game back to life, playing Resident Evil 4 Remake will undoubtedly be an experience that you will never forget.

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