How To Find Enforcer AR in Fortnite

The Enforcer AR has become obtainable in Fortnite following an unexpected hotfix. Learn the essential details on acquiring this firearm in the game.

Chapter 5 Season 1 of Fortnite is currently unfolding, bringing forth a wealth of new content for players to explore. This season introduces an array of fresh weapons, gameplay enhancements, skins, and three innovative modes, marking significant changes to the gaming experience.

As players engaged in the Battle Royale segment, they stumbled upon an undisclosed weapon, causing a degree of perplexity within the player community. This concealed weapon is the Enforcer AR, sharing a resemblance with Call of Duty’s iconic FAL Assault Rifle. Subsequently, a hotfix has been implemented, addressing players’ queries.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on the Enforcer AR, outlining how to obtain and locate it within the Fortnite game.

How To Get Enforcer AR in Fortnite

 Enforcer AR in Fortnite

Obtaining the Enforcer AR in Fortnite can be accomplished through two methods — either by defeating Vengeance Jones in the Underground HQ or by discovering the weapon in regular loot stashes.

Initially, players accidentally stumbled upon the first option by locating and eliminating the NPC, Vengeance Jones, who would occasionally drop a rare version of the Enforcer AR. This occurrence was unintentional, as the firearm wasn’t initially intended to be available in-game until a subsequent update. Nevertheless, players can acquire the rifle by defeating Vengeance Jones in his base.

Subsequently, with the introduction of Update v28.01.01, the Enforcer AR was officially incorporated into the game. Following this hotfix, players now have the opportunity to come across the Enforcer AR through standard means, including ground loot, chests, and other sources. Additionally, the rifle is available in various rarities and can be customized through weapon mods.

Given the different rarities, the Enforcer AR exhibits varying damage profiles. The Uncommon version commences with a 32-damage profile and a 2.42 reload speed, while the Legendary variant concludes with a 39-damage profile and a 1.98 reload speed.


Mastering Fortnite’s dynamic landscape just got more exciting with the Enforcer AR. Uncover its hidden location and add this powerful weapon to your arsenal, enhancing your gameplay and giving you the edge in the battle royale arena.

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