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Valve Corporation’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a popular first-person shooter. It’s been around for almost a decade, yet it’s still the best competitive first-person shooter out there. CSGO, like many other first-person shooters, allows players to customize their weapons with different “weapon skins.” The skins you earn in CSGO, however, may be traded or sold with other players. As a result, we now have one of the largest online marketplaces for communities of all sizes.

Valve has consistently updated Global Offensive since its first release, including new maps, guns, gaming modes, and balancing tweaks. The “Arms Deal” expansion was one of the first major patches for the game following its initial release. On August 13, 2013, an update was released that allowed players to customize their weapons with new “skins.” A loot box system allows players to acquire these items by purchasing virtual keys with real money within the game.

The Hyper Beast Skins In CSGO

There are many different skin lines, series, and solo skins in CSGO, but one particular skin line has become notorious and renowned among the player community. The Hyper Beast skin set has quickly become a fan favourite.

Because of their timeless beauty, the Hyper Beast skins remain popular long after they were originally added to CS: GO. All of the weapons in the series have been given a “Custom Paint Job” with a Hyper Beast finish. You may experiment with different colours and get unique effects with this method.

In the centre of the Hyper Beast’s weapon skin is a picture of a monster with clever fangs, while the weapon itself is orange, red, blue, and green. This adds a more menacing tone to the player’s weapon. Like many other weapon skins in the game, the Hyper Beast’s appearance is affected by the pattern index. The M4A1-S, AWP, Nova, and Five-Seven are the only CSGO weapons to receive the hyper beast skin line thus far.

Recent Hyper Beast Skins Additions to CSGO

Valve gave the CSGO community two more Hyper Beast skins for Nova and Five-Seven in the two years that followed. CSGO released the Nova Hyper Beast six years ago on February 17, 2016. The Operation Wildfire Case contained it.

Five years ago, on May 23, 2017, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launched the Five-Seven Hyper Beast. The “Operation Hydra” update added it to the Operation Hydra Case.

The player base appreciated Valve’s continuous release of Hyper Beast skins in CSGO, but the latter releases were less popular because Valve released them on weapons few players use.

Hyper Beast Skins

Each of the skins has an impressive level of design, but certain Hyper Beast skins stand out in particular. The following is a rating of all of the Hyper Beast skins in CSGO that are currently available. This ranking takes into account both the aesthetic qualities of the skin and the functionality of the weapon that it is applied. Pricing information for a variety of skin floats, also known as wear levels, is also available.

M4A1-S Hyper Beast

The M4A1-S Hyper Beast skin, from the Chroma 2 Collection, is unlocked by cracking open the Chroma 2 Case. In CSGO, the M4A1-S skin can be unlocked with Chroma 2 upgrades. The weapon will have a new, colourful appearance with this skin.

Prices for a regular M4A1-S Hyper Beast skin on Steam range from $14.18 to $127.05, while the StatTrack versions cost between $38.33 and $402.50. There are no Souvenir versions of this item.

  • Factory New – $86.54 (StatTrack – $248.63)
  • Minimal Wear – $35.14 (StatTrack – $79.21)
  • Field-Tested – $10.02 (StatTrack – $40.54)
  • Well-Worn – $12.46 (StatTrack – $26.60)
  • Battle-Scarred – $10.42 (StatTrack – $26.09)

AWP Hyper Beast CSGO Skin


You may get the AWP Hyper Beast skin by cracking open the Falchion Case, which is part of the Falchion Collection. This AWP skin can be obtained from the Falchion Collection.

On the Steam market, a regular AWP Hyper Beast may be purchased for $21.78, while StatTrack variants of the same skin can be purchased for $51.65–$274.77. There are no Souvenir versions of this item.

  • Factory New – $65.22 (StatTrack – $175.00)
  • Minimal Wear – $40.17 (StatTrack – $90.00)
  • Field-Tested – $23.47 (StatTrack – $51.26)
  • Well-Worn – $19.01 (StatTrack – $40.14)
  • Battle-Scarred – $16.11 (StatTrack – $38.39)

Nova Hyper Beast


You can get the Nova Hyper Beast skin, along with the rest of the Operation Wildfire Collection, by cracking open an Operation Wildfire Case. The Nova may be produced through Falchion Collection upgrades as well.

Current pricing for a regular Nova Hyper Beast CSGO skin on Steam ranges from $7.99 to $20.47, while the same skin in StatTrack form costs anywhere from $18.70 to $52.26. There are no Souvenir versions of this item.

  • Factory New – $14.20 (StatTrack – $37.99)
  • Minimal Wear – $9.21 (StatTrack – $27.09)
  • Field-Tested – $7.55 (StatTrack – $14.66)
  • Well-Worn – $6.65 (StatTrack – $20.49)
  • Battle-Scarred – $5.62 (StatTrack – $12.41)

Five-Seven Hyper Beast

The CSGO Operation Hydra Collection includes the Five-Seven Hyper Beast skin. If you crack open the Operation Hydra Case, you’ll have access to it. The Five-Seven may also be obtained by upgrading your Falchion Collection.

Currently on the Steam Market, a regular Five-Seven Hyper Beast can be purchased for $13.42–$76.55, while StatTrack variants of the same skin cost $38.75–$311.00. There are no Souvenir versions of this item.

  • Factory New – $14.20 (StatTrack – $183.36)
  • Minimal Wear – $9.21 (StatTrack – $72.86)
  • Field-Tested – $7.55 (StatTrack – $44.00)
  • Well-Worn – $6.65 (StatTrack – $34.68)
  • Battle-Scarred – $5.62 (StatTrack – $25.03)


The Hyper Beast skins have quickly become a favourite among Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) gamers. These skins are aesthetically pleasing works of art, with their bold colours, violent animal designs, and attention to detail. This page contains a complete catalogue of the Hyper Beast skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, along with images of each skin’s distinctive design and a discussion of the skins’ widespread appeal among CSGO players. This page serves as a guide for anyone interested in the beautiful Hyper Beast skins in CSGO, whether you’re a collector, a trader, or just an enthusiast.

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