The Best Grand Theft Auto Characters

When it comes to the secret that makes the GTA world iconic, it is not only its big open worlds. The coarse characters of this Rockstar games product also play a crucial role in this process. Yes, Rockstar began to work on the backstories of these characters only when GTA V came to the scene. But still, the characters that made their debut in previous versions were fascinatingly vicious carrying a vivid fashion sense. In this blog we’ll be discussing about the Best Grand Theft Auto Characters.

Storytelling Improves With Every New Console

Furthermore, with every new console that comes to the scene, the storytelling has only improved for better. And, when Rockstar gave notable abilities to each character in GTA V, even the gameplay considered which was the best character, as every one of them was treated differently. 

So, whether it be silent assassins, psychopaths in drug business, or level-headed bank looters, the Grand Theft Auto series is filled with unique characters. Additionally, visit the webpage: CSGO Smurf Ninja to get thorough information in this regard, and get access to industry competitive GTA Modded Accounts in the process. 

Ranked: The top playable characters in Grand Theft Auto

1. Chop

Anytime you find yourself in a tough situation, Chop is there to help you out! A rottweiler who made his GTA debut as a Lamar Davis company, Chop now gives company to Franklin. Additionally, with him walking alongside you, there is no possibility of you feeling unsafe. Also, with “The Last of Us” as an exception, there are rarely any video games, where anything unfortunate happens to these canines, especially the ones who walk along with the main characters. 

To be precise, this list will be incomplete without Chop. You can buy GTA modded accounts from CSGO Smurf Ninja and have fun with Chop in GTA. Here you will find plenty of GTA Modded Accounts for Sale. 

2. Victor Vance

Only a few GTA fans are aware of this fact that Victor was the lead character of the Vice City Stories, a game that required a PlayStation Portable. And, the very next year the game was brought forward to Sony PlayStation 2. But, despite all that, Victor is still the most serious playable character in the entire series. 

Against all his wishes, Victor is forced to live a life of a criminal post his discharge from the Army, only to arrange the money that could cover his brother’s hospital dues. But, yes even in the case of GTA, good guys come last. You can buy GTA modded accounts from CSGOSmurfNinja, and play this character. 

3. Claude

With GTA III over two decades old now, it really reflects in both the gameplay, and the protagonist. In GTA, Claude is a silent character, all because he speaks nothing. Unfortunately, when the game made its debut, this character was even denied a name. Things changed for the better for him, when he was talked about for the very first time in San Andreas. 

But, having this very little information about him has a unique benefit of its own. Additionally, though unable to speak, Claude is still a more interesting character in comparison to other playable characters from Liberty City Stories or Vice City Stories. There are plenty of GTA modded accounts for sale out there on platforms such as CSGO Smurf Ninja, that will help you get the best out of this character. 

4. Luis Lopez

One of the attractive features of GTA IV was the huge amount of bonus content that followed it, post its debut. And, “The Ballad of Gay Tony” was one amongst them. Furthermore, post becoming the security detail for the lead character (the nightclub owner), a lot is unrevealed regarding Luis’ criminal past. 

His arrival on the GTA arena is of short duration, but sweet, and fans would for sure like to see him extending his stay. Additionally, it will be no surprise that GTA fans developed a liking for Luis over Niko, the main character of the game, as the security detail is more fun, in comparison to, gloomy and repetitive East European.

5. Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson

The GTA franchise has changed the way people play video games, especially with its absorbing characters, and intellectual gameplay mechanics, and CJ (Young Maylay) is one of them. When Carl Johnson comes home i.e. Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas, post his mother’s murder, he discovers that nothing is the same in his hometown. 

As a result, he gets dragged into a violent gang clash (unwillingly) only with the hope to reclaim his family’s lost glory. That’s why, no one came up with more awesome memes for the culture than CJ, making him one of the most likable characters of the franchise, in the process. 

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part of our ways for today, with a brief summary of all that we have learned today. First of all, more than its open worlds, GTA’s playable characters / protagonists too deserve the credit for its ever increasing popularity. And, Rockstar Games, GTA developer got serious about the backstories of these characters, only with GTA V. A list of several notable GTA characters that are still a hot favorite of GTA gamers across the world. And, several platforms and accounts that can allow you to get the best out of these characters. 

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