Genshin Impact Scrapped Klee Animations Leaks

A recent leak related to Genshin Impact has unveiled discarded gameplay animations for Klee, a Pyro character with a five-star rating in the game.

The leaked information has provided insights into the altered assets for Klee, indicating that the developers made changes to her animations approximately three and a half years ago. Klee initially entered the Genshin Impact scene as part of the limited-time Sparkling Steps event banner, and for a while, she remained relevant in the dynamic game meta. However, with the introduction of additional DPS characters by HoYoverse, the five-star Catalyst wielder has gradually lost prominence.

Klee, known for her Pyro attributes, plays a vital role as a DPS character within her team, unleashing substantial area-of-effect damage on adversaries. As a Catalyst wielder, her normal and charged attacks deliver damage comparable to other characters’ skills but consume a specific amount of stamina. Notably, her elemental skill, Jumpy Dumpty, involves throwing a bomb to strike enemies from a distance. The effectiveness of Klee’s burst and skill is enhanced through various Constellations, with one of them regenerating energy for the entire team. It’s important to highlight that Klee achieves her maximum power when supported by suitable units that can enhance her abilities from a distance.

Genshin Impact Klee Animations

Genshin Impact Klee Animations

A recent leak in Genshin Impact, originating from Ubatcha, has unveiled that Klee had distinct gameplay animations during the phase when she was initially considered to be a four-star character. Notably, her unique walking animation, which garnered approval from many Reddit fans due to its compatibility with her design, appears to have been discarded by the developers. Although Klee’s normal attack, burst, and skill mostly retained their original forms, a noteworthy aspect in the leaked animations is the presence of a green glider resembling the Sumeru-themed Wings of the Forest. It is essential to recognize that these animations are likely placeholders, considering that the leak probably dates back to the period when Genshin Impact was still in its beta version.

Klee stands out as one of the two Genshin Impact characters bestowed with an exclusive skin in version 3.8, the other being the four-star Sword user Kaeya. Since her debut in October 2020, Klee has undergone several reruns, providing players with opportunities to acquire new Constellations. In terms of banner revenue, Klee’s initial rerun has surpassed $3.5 million, as indicated by a chart shared in the summer of 2023.

Over the past few years, dedicated Genshin Impact enthusiasts have expressed their affection for Klee through various creative outlets, such as designing custom skins and crafting tattoos featuring the child unit from Mondstadt. Noteworthy fan creations include a real-life version of Klee’s floating bomb and concept art combining her with Honkai: Star Rail’s Hook. It remains intriguing to observe if the Genshin Impact community will continue to share more fan-made creations centered around the Pyro DPS character.


In conclusion, the leaked information about scrapped Klee animations in Genshin Impact provides an intriguing glimpse into the creative process behind game development. While the decision to discard certain animations may disappoint some players, it underscores the dedication of the development team to delivering a polished and immersive gaming experience. As fans eagerly anticipate future updates and characters, these leaks serve as a reminder of the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the gaming industry.

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